Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Another sewing blog?

This one is different, I promise. The three ideas behind this blog are:
Pre-zipper fashion techniques – sometimes really pre-zipper.  The Egyptians wrapped themselves in transparent linen. How fabulous is that? 

But not garb for reenacting – making clothes for today, but taking inspiration from period fashion. I love the layered look of early medieval clothing.  Now how do I recreate that without looking like I’m going to a Halloween party?

Pre-zipper fabrics – in other words, natural fabrics.  I understand that scientists are hard at work everyday creating undeniably gorgeous synthetic fabrics.  I’ll take old-fashioned linen, cotton, wool, and silk.

Now, I'm writing this with my 10-week-old daughter asleep on my stomach (the only place she is willing to sleep during the day), so I know I won't get to post here as much as I would like, but I figure I have to start somewhere.  So here we go......

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