Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Tiny Little Dress

A few weeks ago I bought the book Making Baby's Clothes, and yesterday I finally got started on a cute little dress for Alessia.  So how does this fit into the "Sewing Without Zippers" philosophy?  First, I'm removing the back zipper.  What baby wants to lie down to nap on a zipper?  And I'm replacing it with a ribbon tie.  Second, I'm sewing the dress by hand with French seams. Most days the only time I really have to sew is the hour or two after she goes to bed and before I conk out, and I'd rather spend that time in my pyjamas sitting in bed than sitting at my sewing table.  So hand sewing it is. Tomorrow I'll post photos of the French seams in progress and the modifications I'm making to the back seam.

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