Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Purple Jacket

Last spring I bought some purple wool at Winmill Fabrics and spent months hemming and hawing about what to use for a lining. Then in late summer I bought flaming orange curtains for my bedroom from IKEA.  The best thing about IKEA curtains are they all come "puddle length" and include a package of iron-on hem facing.  After I cut the curtains down to size I realized that I had found the perfect lining for the purple wool. The orange fabric is a fairly heavy cotton which gives some body to the relatively loosely woven wool.

The pattern is pure rectangular construction.  Two long rectangles for the body, two rectangles for the sleeves, and two rectangles cut in half diagonally for the side gores.  I didn't plan on underarm gussets, because the sleeves are so wide.  I may go back and put them in, as there is a bit of pulling where the sleeves meet the body. I still need to hem the purple wool and finish the sleeve hems.  I am planning on stitching the two layers together and making turned back cuffs so that the orange lining shows.  There's also some finishing work to do on the inside. I can't wait to wear this.

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