Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween Costumes in the Making

I've been working on Halloween costumes for a few weeks now.  I'm going to be the Queen of the Forest, and Alessia is going to be a tree sprite. At first I was going to make her a tree fairy, but the more I thought about putting wings on a one-year-old, the more I realized that was a bad idea.  So I adjusted the concept to tree sprite.  She's in charge of the maple trees in my neighborhood.  Tree sprites are mischievous, wild creatures.  They have little in the way of a tailoring culture and their clothes resemble the leaves of their charges. If they wear ornaments at all, they are found objects - bits of ribbons stolen from passing maidens and such.

Her costume is a little tunic dress.  I'm going out of my way to avoid tailored details.  The seams will be overlapped and top sewn with heavy embroidery floss. The neck and arm holes will be left raw and fraying.  I've used fabric pastels to create leaves across the bottom hem, and I'm going to trim the fabric around the shapes of the leaves.  I have ribbons from presents she got before she was born.  Bits and pieces of them will peek out from behind the leaves and tie the back opening shut. Even if she would wear a headdress, she doesn't need one with her mop of unkempt blonde hair.

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