Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Pregnant Locavore

In general I pride myself on being a bit of a locavore, at least as far as fruit and vegetables are concerned. During the past few years, I haven't bought any fruit or veg from the grocery store from late June through the fall. One year we made it all the way through Christmas. This summer I had a CSA share and visited the markets in Boston once a week. No grocery store for me! My plan was to continue this through to Christmas again. I signed up for a late fall CSA share and was very excited to see the Dewey Square market extended into December. Then I got pregnant, tired, and nauseous. All summer long I loved finding new recipes to go with the veg I got in my share. We tried and enjoyed everything, and I carefully preserved what we couldn't eat. Now, I have no appetite for culinary adventure, and no extra energy for running into town for that certain vegetable for that new recipe that I'm dying to try. Plus, what I'm in the mood to eat changes day to day. So tonight the pregnant locavore is making pasta fazool with canned tomatoes and beans and a tossed salad made almost entirely of grocery store vegetables. Oh, well. There's always next year.


  1. I never heard of a locavore, and when I saw the title of your post all I could think of was the Spanish translation of "loca." LOL

    I'm happy to hear your news, Kathleen!

  2. Hey Susan. It's a very hip word for a very old-fashioned concept, especially for those of us who grew up with big gardens and honor system corn and tomato stands everywhere.

  3. Good for you! There IS always next year...right now you need to take care of Kathleen, baby 2, baby 1, and eh, Adam can take care of himself! Put the can opener to good use if that's what works for you today...or tomorrow...or the next day...