Saturday, February 18, 2012

Alessia at 15 Months

Alessia's growth right now amazes me. A few weeks ago she finally let go of the coffee table and started walking. It took her so long to work up to it (she's been cruising since she was 9 months old), that there haven't even been that many all out disaster spills. She's so proud of herself, toddling around the living room and dining room picking up toys, lugging around large objects, chasing the cat. Her language development has also exploded. At a year she said daddy, kitty, yes, and no. Now she adds a new word everyday. Yesterday it was "sit down" and the day before it was apple. She has partial words for again, more, cracker (which unfortunately sounds like caca), and a dozen other things. Whenever she first learns a word she says it over and over again, as if she's savoring how it feels in her mouth and trying not to forget it. It was so funny this morning to watch her walk around the living room intently repeating "popper" to herself.

Nighttimes are rough, because of all this. With the walking has come a new wave of mother hugging and stranger danger, and the talking means her brain is on fire again, but the days are so much fun, that it almost makes up for the lack of sleep.



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