Friday, March 23, 2012

The Edible Spring Garden

The forsythia are in bloom and the daffodils are bobbing their pretty little yellow heads. I love spring flowers. What I love even more though are spring edibles. When I first started veg gardening, I thought there was nothing I could plant until Memorial Day, which meant nothing fresh to eat until practically July. Then I started reading about three season gardening, and I learned about all the delicious things that can be grown and eaten in the spring before the tomato plants are even ready to go in the ground. So this year, for the first time, I am growing spring peas, arugula, a fancy lettuce mix, radishes, scallions, spinach, and tatsoi. I put the seeds into my two front raised beds last weekend, and now we wait. This is the part of vegetable gardening that has to do with faith. It doesn't matter how much biology I understand. I still feel it is an act of faith to go outside every day and water dirt. The neighborhood kids also find it very amusing.




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