Tuesday, March 13, 2012

No-knead Whole Wheat Bread

Yes, you read that correctly. With the no-knead method I have been praising to anyone who will listen (or read), it is possible to make whole wheat sandwich bread at home. This recipe uses the method developed by the authors of Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day, but the recipe itself comes from King Arthur Flour. It is definitely denser than what you get at the grocery store, but it is light enough to make sandwiches and delicious slices of buttered toast.

Many whole wheat bread recipes depend on a long list of ingredients. This recipe is very straight forward. White whole wheat flour, vital wheat gluten, honey, salt, yeast, and water are all it takes. The white whole wheat flour provides a lighter taste than regular whole wheat without losing any of the nutritional benefits. The vital wheat gluten gives the bread a boost resulting in a higher rise than many other whole wheat bread recipes, and there is absolutely no kneading involved!

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