Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Are we there yet? (a post on pregnancy)

In general I am very patient when it comes to waiting. I find it easy to amuse myself, and generally enjoy time spent waiting for a train or plane. As long as I have a book, some knitting, or a cafe latte and am in a place with lots of people (I am a shameless people-watcher), I'm content. At the same time, I hate the kind of waiting that involves twiddling my thumbs in the house. Once I'm packed for that train, let's go to the train station already. Who cares if the train doesn't leave for another three hours? Once I've washed all the newborn baby clothes, set up the bassinet, and packed a bag, let's just have the baby. I've done all the preparing a person can do, so why are we still hanging around the house? Unfortunately having a baby doesn't work that way, and so I wait, impatiently, around the house asking myself "Are we there yet?"



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  1. I totally remember that, except I do not think I was so eloquent. I probably was cursing. Best of luck! Can't wait to see your new little person!