Saturday, July 14, 2012

Meal planning with a full CSA share and two babies

Even though we knew this summer would be extremely busy with two babies, we went ahead and signed up for the full CSA share. The first couple weeks were easy. Adam was home and did all the cooking. Now that he is back at work, we are going to have to get more deliberate in our meal planning and prep. I came up with a meal plan for this week based on the CSA veg and the various beans and precooked meals in the freezer. Today, I prepped lettuce for several salads, froze kale to use later in the week, cooked a pound of lentils and froze one 2-cup container of them, and prepped enough beets for tonight's dinner and a second dinner. This is the plan:

Saturday: grilled beet and zucchini salad with feta, bread, blue cheese (we are picnicing in the park this evening)

Sunday: grilled ham steak, grilled green beans and onions, bread, sliced tomatoes

Monday: lentil salad with leftover beets and fennel, sauteed zucchini, rice

Tuesday: swiss chard and chick peas over pasta, salad

Wednesday: kale and black beans over quesadillas

Thursday: sauce from the freezer (from the last time I made pot roast) over pasta

Friday: order in pizza


The goal for each night is to keep cooking to a minimum - sauteeing garlic, boiling pasta, putting rice in the electric rice cooker, dressing lettuce for salad. Wish me luck!




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