Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Olivia at Three Months

Olivia is three months old. She is as cute as a button. She is such a smiley baby, and gurgles and coos at very opportunity. She has finally settled into riding in the stroller. She doesn't sleep in there, but every once in awhile she finds the ride so relaxing that once we get somewhere and stop moving, she falls asleep. Her hands have found each other, and she has started staring at her toes. That last trick cracks me up every time I see her do it. Her eyes really aren't tuned in to what the rest of her body is doing yet. She is a much better napper than Alessia ever was. In the morning I have even had some success putting in her crib while still awake.

At moments I wish she were an only child and I could give her the attention I gave Alessia at this age, but then I see how she adores Alessia, and I'm glad that she is a little sister.




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