Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mitten Surgery


A few years ago I worked near a Whole Foods. Over the course of one winter I bought two pairs of fingerless gloves, one with long sleeves (in the middle above) and another with mitten hoods for the fingers (on the right above.) Eventually I wore pretty much exclusively the long sleeved gloves, and over time they began to wear, especially where my rings rubbed against the wool. So I repaired them. I used black yarn because it matched well enough, and because I enjoyed knowing myself where the repairs were. After two winters of wear and repair, they got to the point where the holes were two big to repair. I was bummed. I loved those gloves, and Whole Foods no longer sold them. (Is there a store left where you can buy the same exact item of clothing three years later?) Plus, I really didn't feel like spending money on gloves.

Then I remembered the other pair of gloves, and I decided to do a little reconstructive surgery, a little "frankensteining."

I picked up stitches in the last row that I wanted to save.

Then I cut the row above and removed the hands of the long-sleeved mittens.

I followed the same procedure with the hooded mitties, this time removing the cuffs.

I then used a kitchener stitch to graft the two together. With the ends of the yarn tied off, there they are.


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  1. That is *clever,* Kathleen! And the result has a certain patchwork charm.