Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wheat Free for (Hopefully) Just a Couple of Weeks

A few months ago, if I drank milk, Olivia got painful gas. So I gave up milk for a couple of weeks, and then slowly reintroduced it. Then it happened again with beans. So I gave up beans for a few weeks, and then slowly introduced them. Now it's happening with wheat. For about three weeks, I saw every hour on the clock six nights out of seven. At first we thought it was just when Olivia ate wheat cereal, but when the night waking continued after we stopped her cereal, we realized it was when I ate wheat as well. So I am giving up wheat for a few weeks.

This one is definitely the hardest. My morning cafe latte was replaced by tea and cheese on toast. I replaced beans at dinner with a slight increase in meat and cheese. Wheat I eat all day long. I like toast for breakfast, crackers and cookies for quick snacks during the day, and a week's worth of dinners generally includes at least two pasta meals, a bread meal, and a pizza night. So, where to begin?

I realize there is a whole word of gluten-free cooking. I am hoping this will pass within a manner of weeks, though, so I am not prepared to jump into the world of specialty (and expensive) flour mixes and gluten-free versions of baked goods. I'm also, at least not yet, concerned about trace amounts of gluten. So here is this week's menu plan:

Saturday - Chinese-style brown rice noodles with veg

Sunday - stewed green beans and roasted potatoes

Monday - chilli with corn tortillas and slaw

Tuesday - pasta (gluten free for me), brocoli and beans

Wednesday - squash soup and corn/zuccchini fritters

Thursday - stir fry with brown rice (I found a California brand at the grocery store that tests low for arsenic)

Friday - not sure yet

For breakfast, I've been eating oatmeal, but I have a hard time eating the same thing everyday, so I may bake some cornbread to have in the morning. I'll try to stick to leftovers for lunch to keep it simple.

Here's a picture of Olivia. It's a good thing she's so cute....




  1. Is the gluten-free pasta also wheat-free? My understanding is that people can sometimes react to parts of wheat other than gluten. Yes, she is beyond cute!

  2. Interesting, Susan. I haven't seen anything that is gluten-free, but contains wheat. The pasta is made of corn and rice.