Monday, August 19, 2013

What Kind of Day We Actually Had

The online world is full of overly rosy depictions of life. We tend to share just the happy moments. According to some psychologists this is making us all miserable as we mistakenly get the impression that everyone else we know only has happy moments. So in the interest of balance, this is what kind of day we actually had.

Both girls were up multiple times last night due to congestion. Olivia woke up crying at 7:00. Alessia woke up miserable and completely covered in crusty snot at 8:30. She promptly threw up on herself and on me and on the bathroom floor. (Cheers to me for taking her straight into the bathroom from her room as headcolds always make her throw up once at the beginning.) We made it to the grocery store. The girls picked at their lunch half-heartedly. During nap time Alessia discoved her own poop for the first time (in the build up to potty training she is very curious about what goes on in her diaper), and by the time I got her from nap she needed a bath, her sheets and blankets and dollies needed to go in the laundry, and several books needed to be wiped down with baby wipes. This afternoon the girls took turns crawling into my lap and then protesting as I wiped snot off their faces. (Until I had children I didn't realize that snot has a really disgusting odor.) On the upside (really the only upside to today), both girls are already asleep and it isn't even 7:30. Here's hoping they sleep well tonight and that today was the worst of their colds, the other option being that tomorrow is much worse than today.

So, that's what kind of day we actually had, and my attempt to balance the psychological damage being done daily by too many photos of smiling babies and well-behaved children.

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  1. Thank you for rescuing my sanity (what there is of it), Kathleen.