Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Welcome Fall

The garden is mostly buttoned up for the season. There are some parlsey and cilantro plants left and some late spinach. I'll pick them slowly over the next few weeks, so that summer doesn't come to too abrupt an end. I picked all the green tomatoes last week. I'll pickle some and make pasta sauce with others. The leaves are putting on their fall colors, much to Alessia's delight, and Adam keeps trying to make a game of collecting leaves in the yard. Across the back of my property are several maple trees. While I find collecting leaves all fall exhausting, I have to admit that the first day I step outside and my entire backyard is blanketed in yellow leaves, it's truly beautiful.

In the house, the oven goes on again. The first of the winter squash and the last of the summer's corn were roasted last night. Tonight I am going to try and bake corn bread (with my dietary restrictions it should be an interesting experiment). I also have more time and energy for inside projects. I am sewing Alessia a halloween costume (more on that later), and I am setting up a project on the table top loom I bought myself this summer.

I'll miss our summer picnics at the Boston Public Garden and the fresh vegetables from our CSA share, but I'm also ready for fall.

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