Monday, November 11, 2013

Flu shot and saying goodbye to the flowers

This morning I needed to go into Boston to my doctor's office to get a flu shot. I always try to turn these errands into little adventures. On the train Alessia and I count the number of stations we have to go and name them. She knows at this point that Wellington is first and then Sullivan and Community College. We even note the characteristics of some of the stations. At North Station you can change for the green line, and State has the stinky elevator (seriously, I'm not using that elevator anymore). Olivia is still little enough to flirt with strangers on the train. At the doctor's office I let them wander around the waiting room. They don't see many children at this office, so my kids are generally smiled at and named adorable by the assistants. After the shot, off for morning snack at Sip, the coffeeshop in Post Office Square. Alessia got a cookie. We don't normally have cookies at home, so this was a treat. After snack, we took a little walk through Post Office square. My girls are good listeners so they both walked. There was a display of fall mums. We stopped to admire them and say goodbye to the flowers until spring comes again. "Ciao ciao fiori. Ci aspettiamo." Alessia climbed up a wall in order to dance in front of a small pine tree. I think children are natural pagans. Then back in the stroller. We were hoping to go to the farmers' market, but it was closed for the holiday. So back on the train, and a quick stop at the store before heading home. I love these mornings when work and pleasure are blended together.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Alessia at 3

Alessia is three, and I don't even know where to begin. She talks all day long, and while she has her toddler grammar foibles, she's also taken to saying things like, "mamma, continue reading this book" or "daddy, I just don't want to eat my cannelini beans tonight." My mother said yesterday "she's like an old lady." At the same time, she's developing a wonderful toddler's sense of humor. Slapstick is big right now. We've learned a song that takes any nursery rhyme and changes the last two verses to "threw it out the windor, the second story window." We sing it as loud as possible with a wild hand gesture for the throwing part.

She loves to be in the garden, and spent the summer helping me plant seeds, build trellises, water plants, and pick tomatoes.

She has a year of challenges ahead of her. Potty training is very slow going. Alessia needs to be able to see every step ahead of her before tackling the unknown. For weeks now we've been discussing the big girl bed she will be getting next weekend. She's curious about it, and I can see her thinking it through, but she always ends the conversation with an airy "not right now though." Trick-or-treating almost didn't happen for her. I had to explain for days every detail, and at the last minute she still almost bailed. In the end she went, and had a fantastic time.

She loves trucks and trains, which makes me very happy.

We spent the last year trying new churches, and finally decided on Old South in Boston. This is the first time Alessia has been in a pre-school type situation. Our last church didn't have other kids her age, and so I could never leave her in the pre-schoool room. Old South has dozens of little ones. Alessia hesitates as I drop her off, but she always has big smiles on her face when she comes down to the chapel with the other kids. So I think she is enjoying herself, and it's good for her.

Alessia loves her little sister.

Alessia made me a mom. I love this job. Can I say it again? I love this job. Thank you Alessia.