Monday, January 6, 2014

Making Stuff

For a blog with the word sewing in the title, I've done remarkably little writing about making stuff. I have managed a few projects in the last year. Some of my favorites are these:

These are for Alessia. I cut down an old pair of Adam's pants making use of the pockets on both sides. The elastic casing and the cuffs are made of some flowered calico I had leftover from a skirt that I made years ago. I am trying to make things from materials already in my house, which is both challenging and fun.

I am currently knitting myself a pair of long mittens to replace the mittens that finally fell apart last winter. The green, yellow, and black yarns I bought years ago in Maine. The blue is leftover from a vest that I made some years ago.

And then there is this:

Such a frivolous purchase. I have wanted a loom for years, and this summer I finally bought this one. It is sold as a tapestry loom. I am using it to weave rags. I had a collection of rayon shawls and lounge pants from travels to Europe and southeast Asia in my early twenties. I cut them into strips and am weaving them with a cotton warp. While most of my crafting is focused on making useful things, this project is completely decorative. I am making a wall hanging for my living room. I enjoy weaving so much. Like knitting I can do a little here and there when I have time. Unlike knitting though, more of the design process happens throughout the project, which I like. I'll post more photos when it is done.


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