Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Drawing Volume

Yesterday we were drawing with markers on a big sheet of paper. Olivia screeched as she scribbled forcefully on the paper. It gave me an idea. I started talking very quietly and running the tip of a marker very gently and slowly around on the paper. Then I shouted and made a strong bold swoosh across the paper. I made little ah ah noises while making little marks. I made a loud sustained arrrrgh, and scribbled back and forth really fast. Olivia didn't take much notice, but Alessia was mesmerized. At first she just stared, alternating between my hand and my face. I could see the wheels in her brain going. Eventually she joined in shouting and making bold swooshes of her own. Olivia did take notice of Alessia's shouting (do younger siblings learn anything from their parents or do they just learn from their older siblings?), and joined in shouting and scribbling. It was fun, and probably very educational, although I'm too tired at the moment to articulate it.



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