Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Homemade Finger Paint

We've been experimenting with homemade art supplies. Yesterday we tried a recipe in The Artful Parent for homemade finger paint. The recipe is basically three parts water to one part cornstarch, cooked together with food coloring added.

On the upside the colors were amazing and they mixed well. On the downside I cooked the cornstarch and water way too long, resulting in a jelly. Olivia was not impressed with the stickiness on her hands and begged for a brush, a q-tip, anything, and finally gave up as the q-tips I gave her were no use. Alessia on the other hand was in hog heaven, as you can see in the photo below. She squished and squeezed the paint, trying different color combinations and in general having a grand time.

We'll try this recipe again as the colors were gorgeous and the girls really enjoy the making part.



  1. Looks fun! Did the food coloring stain hands or furniture? James would LOVE this!

  2. Some of the food coloring took two washes to come off, but that seems to be on par with most washable paints and markers. It didn't stain the high chairs or table at all, and we're pretty good at not letting it get further than that.