Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Stuff on Bread for Dinner

We're having one of our favorite dinners. Stuff on bread. I made gf bread and am setting out a wide assortment of stuff that goes well on or with bread. I've found that this is a good way to use up bits of this and that and to provide one dinner for a family with varying tastes. Alessia is a picky vegetarian. Olivia is a picky toddler with allergies. So here it is:

A third of a tub of hummus

A chunk of goat's cheese for Olivia

A chunk of cow's cheese for Adam

A crudite plate made up of half a red pepper leftover from a different meal, the carrots left from Alessia's lunch, and the second tub of buy-one-get-one-free cherry tomatoes

A bowl of hard boiled eggs

Steamed green beans (Alessia's favorite)

Arugula and chive salad from the garden (for Adam and me)


Sometimes I open a can of sardines with this meal. Sometimes I take out some olives. If there's a leftover sausage in the fridge, I slice it up and the meat-eaters among us each get a bit. Whatever goes.