Monday, March 14, 2016

A Box of Raisins - Observing Lent with my Girls, Week 5

This Sunday's theme was Jesus as healer and teacher. After last week's disaster, I decided to pick a familiar story. Alessia has a magazine of stories about Jesus that was given to her about two years ago. Both girls love the stories and know them well. So I suggested a story from that magazine about Jesus as a healer. Alessia picked the story of Jesus healing the blind man. We read it together and talked a little about how Jesus helped people and wants us to help people as well. I suggested for the lenten table that we trace our hands on a piece of paper to help us remember that we can use our hands to help others. Well, neither of my girls liked that idea. I said that was fine, that we didn't have to put anything on the table this week, or if they thought of something during the week, then we could put it on the table. I suggested that we spend some time looking at the things that were already on the table. We talked about them and replensihed the baptism water that had evaporated. After that, I thought the girls might scatter, but Alessia went back to the magazine. She opened it to the story of the loaves and fishes. I asked if we could read it and told them that I always love that story, because it is a little boy, a child like them, who offers to share his lunch. I told them that one of the ways we can help people is by sharing food, and I suggested that we put a box of raisins from church on the table. Olivia laughed, and we all agreed this was a good idea.

I really like the way the table is coming togeter. There is a lot to think about here, especially in how the different objects relate to each other.

  • Four of the five elements - earth, water, and fire (does our breath count as air?)
  • Prayer beads, candles, and baptismal water as aides in our relationship with God
  • Food and drink as gifts from God and gifts to share with each other
  • The dirt, the water, the plant, and us as parts of God's creation


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