Friday, March 4, 2016

Cut Paper Collage - story books and an activity

Every so often we pick some books based on a theme and then do a related craft activity. Alessia calls it having a "library program." Usually the theme relates to the subject matter of the books - winter, the ocean, etc. Yesterday I mentioned wanting to do some cut paper collage, and Alessia and I came up with the idea of using the artistic style of books as the theme of a "library program."

We chose books by Leo Lionni (Alexander and the Wind Up Mouse), Eric Carle (The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse), and Tomie dePaola (The Song of Francis). I also thought of using a book by Ellen Stoll Walsh, but I think I gave away our copy of Mouse Paint. We read through the books and talked about the differences between them. The artists used different kinds of paper - colored papers, painted papers, and papers with printed designs. Some of them cut the paper and others ripped it. We also wondered if the artists were inspired by the different designs and textures of the papers. After we finished with the books, I laid out a bunch of paper scraps. Armed with scissors and glue, as well as crayons and pens for adding details we worked for about an hour. Both girls were very engaged, and it's a project we will come back to.

Olivia said that many of the printed papers reminded her of fabric I used to patch the knees of her jeans.

Alessia was inspired by paper that had been pulled out of a spiral bound book. The little tabs looked like a castle to her.


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