Friday, April 1, 2016

A Couple of Old Teapots

If you are lucky enough to have somewhere in your house an old teapot, a few silver spoons, or a couple of old dishes, please take them out and use them. Don't save them up for company or a holiday or for your children to inherit someday. Take them out, because, as Pooh would say, it's Thursday. It's 68 degrees here today, but the weather forecasters say it will be 20 on Tuesday. That thought dug its way straight into my brain this morning until I almost cried.

So I baked a peach cobbler with last summer's peaches. I asked the kids if they wanted to have afternoon tea for snack. We sat in the dining room with the Easter lily my friend gave me and the mini daffodils that we bought on sale at the grocery store today. We drank tea from dainty little cups and silver teapots and ate peach cobbler with little spoons from dishes painted in Japan in the 1930s. We read A. A. Milne poems about daffodils and spring, and my head cleared. Tuesday is still going to be 20 degrees here, but today, well today was just lovely.