Friday, April 8, 2016

Paper on end

We checked out a book today titled Cut-Out Paper Play. Both girls are really into cutting up paper for collage and making little paper dolls and props for their play. I thought this might give us some new ideas. Olivia and I picked out a project that involved cutting out strips of paper, and then rolling them into circles and other basic shapes. The project directions suggested making flowers, which we did.

Alessia then took the concept and ran with it, creating a sun and rain drops for the flowers and a square for a house.

Olivia decided to make letters out of some of the skinny strips. I helped her make an M for mamma and she made an O for Olivia.

Overall it was a fun project. I especially enjoyed working with paper in a more 3-D way and without a drawing element, and I'm hoping it inspires the kids to make other projects.


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