Thursday, June 23, 2016

Olivia at Four

Olivia, I'm a bit late in writing this. You were so sick this week, and it saddened me. I missed your smile and sass, and I couldn't write about them until they came back.

You like all things pretty - princesses, flowers, jewelry, dresses. The princesses I could do with out. I'll be honest about that. Your love of pretty things means though that you know how to handle a delicate antique teacup with gentleness and respect, and that amazes me.

You are so happy that Alessia is done with school. You adore her.

You are sooooo sassy. "Mamma, you said a bad thing!" you shout while tears run down your face and you point that jabby little finger at me.

Over the last year, you've learned not to hit and bite when frustrated with other kids. For awhile there, I was the mom who had to shadow her child at playgroup, but you can handle it now, and I'm proud of you.

Just over a year ago, you had to give up "milk." You're still in love with my bellybutton.

You love to paint and "sticker," and because you adore Alessia, you decided a few months ago that you needed to write your own name.

Yesterday you went to the doctor and had a temperature of over 104 degrees. You were a mess. This morning I went into your room and you smilled at me and pulled the cover over your head playfully, and that was the best thing that had happened to me in days.

We love you, you sassy little monkey.


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  1. Beautiful family, Kathleen. Lovely word picture too.