Sunday, May 14, 2017

An Alphabet Book and a Project

One of our favorite alphabet books is Alphabet Under Construction by Denise Fleming. It features a manic mouse constructing the letters of the alphabet. The mouse quilts the Q and tiles the T, for example. This weekend we decided to make our own action-oriented alphabet. The project took two days. We spent lots of time brainstorming ideas, and everyone made suggestions and helped create the letters. Here it is:

The Adventures of A (the movie)


Bag the B


Color the C


Coronate the C


Deal the D


Eat the E


Far away F


Give the G


Hop over the H


Invite the I


J in Jam (being eaten by Olivia)


Kick the K


Look for the L


Mold the M


Near N


Ogle the O


Put together the P puzzle


Queue the Qs


Rip the R


Sit on the S


Tape the T (and get tangled)


Under the U umbrella


Vote for the V


Water the W


eXtrude the X


Yap at the Y


Zap the Z


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