Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Olivia at 1

My sweetheart and my little trouble is turning one. A year ago she was almost born in the neighbor's car.

Today she tried a step or two while holding Adam's hands and is willing to crawl over any surface (pavement, woodchips, cold kitchen floor) even in shorts with bare knees. She tries to say any word that begins with a B (ball, book, bambola), waggles her finger while saying no, waves while saying bye-bye in the most overdone southern accent, and babbles mamamamama and dadadadada. She giggles like a nutter when tickled and loves bath time. She believes crayons have no business whatsoever being inside their box and feels the same way about the books on the shelves at the library. She hands me books to read and already has her favorites - Eric Carle books about animals, books with flaps, and any book about Pimpa. She loves to eat, even though there is a long list of things she can't (yet) eat. She is my little "sorresina" as her godmother has dubbed her.

And me? When I told my mom that I was having a second so soon after the first (I announced I was two months pregnant at Alessia's first birthday party), my mom said "you'll survive the first year and after that it will get better." While at a certain point it was touch and go (Olivia was up once an hour for much of the month of January), I did it. I survived. And I'm happy to say that not only is it getting better, but it's getting good. I love being the mom of my two little girls. They're my adventure girls. They're so much fun, and I love being with them all day.


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