Thursday, June 19, 2014

Olivia at Two

Olivia is on fire. She has the cutest wiggle in her walk, a sparkle in her eye, a giggle in her smile, and words pouring from her mouth all day long. She is going through a screamy screamy phase (luckily her sister is for the moment between screamy screamy phases) and also a "poor little idiot" phase. In combination we have regular conversations like this:

Me: Pour the juice in the popsicle molds and now put the tops on.
Olivia: I want a popsicle.
Me: Olivia they aren't ready. They will be ready tomorrow.

Or like this:

Olivia: Where's "Rhyming Dust Bunnies"?
Me: that was a library book. We took it back to the library.

She recites bits from books and sings songs. Her reportoire ranges from the Hallelujah chorus (both of the girls loved Easter service) to "I'm Driving in My Car," a favorite at our local library.

She loves to eat, even though there still are so many things she can't eat right now. She eats pasta with olive oil by hand, and sweet potato "pappa" very expertly with a spoon. She truly enjoys meat. "I'm having pork for dinner." And yes, she loves her mamma's milk.

Olivia adores Alessia, but is also more than willing to stand up to her, which I figure is healthy for both of them.

She is affectionately known as "the chaos machine."

I can't believe we've made it this far. In the past two years she has tested every nerve in my body. I don't do well without sleep. A friend of mine said that parenting isn't about picking a philosphy or a plan and seeing it through, parenting is about doing what needs to be done. I never planned on nursing a toddler, but it's what Olivia needs and so here we are. I am very much enjoying watching her little personality develop. She is strong and fiesty, yet also sweet and very physically attached to Adam and me. Alessia is so deliberate in learning new skills, and always has been. Olivia is much more casual. She watches and listens to us and her sister and then just jumps in. She surprises us all the time and we all adore her. Happy Birthday little ciccia!





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  1. What a cutie! (And we love "The Rhyming Dust Bunnies" too! lol! )