Sunday, November 15, 2015

Alessia at 5

Oh, my dear sweet Alessia. So big, yet so little.

Last winter, you finally learned to use the potty, and then four months later you taught yourself how to read. You always have been on your own schedule.

Yesterday we read a book about Amelia Earhart, and I explained that when Amelia Earhart was alive girls weren't allowed to do all sorts of things like fly planes and becomes scientists. You cried.

You love to draw and paint pictures, and you love just exploring paint with your hands. You feel much the same about food, and we are still trying to convince you that not all foods (I'm thinking of peanut butter here) are hand foods.

Your television alter ego is Bill from Curious George.

We tell people that you have an "old soul." You are so serious and have a deep sense of melancholy. When we watch Sesame Street you sing "It's not easy being green" right along with Kermit. On the way to school we sing "This is the day that our God has made" and your joy overflows.

You are so silly, and you and your sister can make each other laugh, which makes me so happy.

You've stared a new sassy phase. You pretend not to hear us the first time we tell you not to do something, and the second time you respond with "but I was just..."

When you started preschool last year, it was hard. You found it overwhelming and couldn't figure out why you couldn't just stay home with me. You became so much more social though, and this year you are excited to go to preschool.

We love you more than I can describe. You have always been a wonder to me, and I look forward to being with you as you grow up.


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  1. Kathleen, if I had just one piece of advice for mothers of young children, it would be this: Write it down. You are doing it so beautifully.