Thursday, July 20, 2017

Playdough and Music

A couple of weeks ago we sat down with playdough, and I put on the music from Frog and Toad. Did you know there was a musical about Frog and Toad? We didn't, until a couple of years ago when Ms. Smith, our incredible local children's librarian, recommended the cd to us. Then this past winter we saw it live at the Children's Museum. It is fantastic, especially if you enjoy reading the stories to your kids. My kids ask to listen to it about once a week, and there are a few songs that we sing all the time. "Eating cookies, eating cookies, we're so happy eating cookies....."

Today when the music started I told the girls that I was going to make things inspired by the music. I didn't know if they would join in or not. Sometimes if I suggest a project, Alessia will say no, but if I just start doing something she will join in. Today both girls joined in and we had so much fun trying to make something unique for each song.


There's turtle waiting for Toad to come out of the water, because "Toad looks funny in a bathing suit." We made cookies and a box tied with string, the big plan for eating no more cookies. I made a shoe, and Olivia made the clock that Toad smashes with the shoe. I made the snail ("I'm carrying a letter"), Olivia made the letter, and Alessia made the snail "coming out of his shell." We had a lot of fun, and after admiring our work, we mushed the playdough back up (by color, of course) and put it all away.





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